Friday, July 22, 2016

visualization techniques,life coaching tips,emotional intelligence coachingA colleague recently asked me a question to reveal my core message.  She read my articles on life coaching tips but was looking for a message that was crystal clear.  

You’re on the beach.  You see the tsunami coming in.  You realize you only have five minutes left.  What is it that you want to tell the world?  

She used visualization techniques to get the answer.  I used my imagination to create a sense of urgency and discovered what is most important to me. 

“You don’t have to do it the way everyone else does or the way that’s acceptable to your friends and neighbors, or the way that makes your parents happy.  It’s your life and no matter how old you are, it’s partially over.  Do it the way that seems right to you.  Do it the way that makes you happy.”  

“Sure, people will judge you for it, but that doesn't have to be important to you.  Besides, doing it the way society says you should offers no protection from the judgment of others.  They will continue to judge you.  You don’t need protection from the judgment of others; you need protection from the judgment of your self.  Have compassion for yourself and follow your heart.”

Speaking with her, I realized what my message to the world is.  It's at the core of the life coaching tips I write about.  I’ve recently writen about acknowledging death as a way of deepening your experience in the present moment.

Using visualization techniques like this, help you connect with a future reality.  If you were to learn an invaluable life lesson, right before you die, and then given a second chance, how would it change your life? 
The same visualization techniques you find in sport psychology articles can be applied to your own life.  If emotional intelligence coaching could bring you to this realization, what would you tell the world? 

A friend once told me the story of his God Daughter and why she was so important to him.  Her father was a professional working in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  His office was above the entry point of the first jet plane.   He accurately assessed his situation as terminal and made a sober decision regarding how he would spend the remaining five minutes of his life.

He called his wife.  The event, however, was immediately broadcast on national television which caused an overload in all communication networks.  Realizing this was the last thing he could do for his family, he left them a voice mail.  In it, he expressed his love for them and wished them happiness and love in the future.  

As tragic as this is, many of us will never be blessed with the opportunity to reflect on our lives and communicate what is most important to the one’s we love.  For many of us, it will be sudden;  a car crash, a heart attack a patch of ice on a ski slope.  You might not be blessed with 5 minutes to tell those you care about how much you love them at the end of the line. 
Wouldn’t it have been remarkable if he were somehow saved at that moment and continued living?  How would his life have changed?  How would his relationships have improved?  How would his love have deepened?

If you're moved by this story, it’s time to play the game. Of all the life coaching tips that have helped improve your life, this may be the most valuable.  Try the visualization techniques yourself, right now.   You’re at the top of a burning sky scraper and you have three to five minutes left.  What matters most to you in this moment? What is it that you want to do? Is it more important than what's on your agenda for today?

Clients have used visualization techniques like these during emotional intelligence coaching to change their lives.

Many who read this will actually go and do the things they believe are most important, as if their life were soon to be over.   Others will go on living as if, there's always tomorrow.  Choosing today's agenda over what is most important to you, assumes you'll live another day.  If you played the game and you practiced the visualization techniques, this is your second chance.  

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